Monday, December 30, 2013

Lou Reed - 1974-05-14 - Stockholm, SWE, pre-FM Flac

Lou Reed - 1974-05-14 - Stockholm, SWE [pre-FM][FLAC]

1. 2 track second generation pre-broadcast reel recorded at 7.5 ips speed [up to I'm Waiting For The Man].
2. Vinyl Bootleg "What Ever Happened To Dick & Steve" [for the rest of the show up until the cut in Sister Ray].
3. 4 track second (or possibly third) generation pre-broadcast reel recorded at 7.5 ips speed [seamlessly merged
from the cut in Sister Ray to the end of the show].

Lou Reed - vocals 
Danny Weis - guitar 
Prakash John - bass guitar 
Penti "Whitey" Glan - drums 
Michael Fonfara - keyboards 

01 Intro/Sweet Jane (10:31)
02 Vicious (07:18)
03 Ride Sally Ride (04:03)
04 Heroin (11:06)
05 Oh Jim (07:28)
06 Walk On The Wild Side (04:57)
07 Rock 'n' Roll (11:08)
08 I'm Waiting For The Man (08:39)
09 Lady Day (03:50)
10 White Light/White Heat (05:34)
12 thanks and crowd before encore (00:12)
11 Sister Ray (08:10)

Total time: ~ 83 min.

This copy here is at the correct speed and is combined from 3 different sources with numerous minor flaws seamlessly repaired.

The Swedish state radio company gave Lou and his new live band studio time for rehearsals and then the first show of the tour at the Concerthouse in Stockholm was recorded for FM brodcast for the radioshow "Tonkraft".
When this basic source before the final fixes was previously seeded, Sister Ray was cut by a few minutes so that the show could fit on a single CD. Sister Ray has been restored here to it's full length from an alternate reel source. I burned this with just the encore on a second disc, but the show can be split elsewhere or left as the full show on a hard disk if desired (the disc transition is seamless).


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