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Bob Marley - 1980-05-30 - Zurich, CH, SBD [Flac]


Bob Marley & The Wailers 

City: Zurich (Switzerland) 
Venue: Hallenstadion 
Date: May 30th 1980 
Taper: Source is personally known (but not me) 
Source: Taken directly from the mixing desk (!) 
Quality: A+/A++ (the audience level is a bit lower than the sound) 

Equipment: unknown (maybe a Revox tape recorder) 

CD-R >> CDex 1.51 >> FLAC

CD (70:26) 
101 Zimbabwe 
102 Natty Dread** 
103 I Shot The Sheriff 
104 No Woman No Cry 
105 Talkin' Blues* 
106 We And Them* 
107 Lively Up Yourself* 
108 Jammin' 
109 Exodus 
110 Redemption Song 
111 War/No More Trouble 
112 Kinky Reggae* 
113 Get Up Stand Up 

*/** Remarks from Wikipedia: 
For the short U.S. leg of the tour Marley changed the set list to be similar to the one from the Kaya Tour in 1978: he dropped "Revolution" and "Natty Dread"** and added songs like "Burnin' And Lootin'" or "Them Belly Full" at the beginning, or "The Heathen" and the "Running Away" / "Crazy Baldhead" medley in the middle of the set list. 

From show to show sometimes an additional song was edged in the middle of the set list, like "Lively Up Yourself"*, "Kinky Reggae"*, "Roots, Rock, Reggae", "Coming In From The Cold", "Bad Card", "Kaya", "Trenchtown Rock", "We And Them"*, "Three Little Birds", "Talkin' Blues"* or "Forever Loving Jah". Live performances of each of these songs happened very rarely during the tour. 

Stunning (and unfortunately incomplete performance), but at least more than 70 excellent minutes of world famoust Reggae music recorded from the first concert of the «Uprising Tour» in 1980. First (and last) performance in Switzerland with some rarely played live versions (see below * and **) starting the last ever tour from Bob Marley!


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