Sunday, October 13, 2013

R.E.M. 1991-04-03 KCRW Radio Studios, Santa Monica, CA, US [FM] [Flac]


Snap F.M. radio show, KCRW radio studios, Santa Monica, California
3rd April 1991

'Harmonics In Eternity' LP > CD-R > Click Repair + Audacity (4% speed increase) > TLH > FLAC

Very good sound quality FM broadcast

01 World Leader Pretend
02 Fretless
03 Smiling Faces
04 Tusk
05 Loosing My Religion
06 Endgame
07 Jackson
08 Swan Swan H
09 Spooky
10 Fall On Me
11 Radio Song
12 I Enjoy Being A Boy

This is a wonderful recording, I feel.

Unlike most other recordings of the show, while it's not perfect, it does sound like it is true stereo.

Also it includes songs and radio chat not on other versions of this show - for example Smiling Faces and I Enjoy Being a Boy, as well as Michael's explanation for the titling of 'Swan Swan H'. ("it was supposed to be 'Swan Swan huh').

Tusk sounds great here, as does Smiling Faces (Sometimes tell lies) - very catchy!
The band's chat about their favourite TV shows - for the example The Andy Griffiths Show, where they all start whistling the theme together, are genuinely funny.


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