Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Stone Roses 1995-04-27 La Luna, Brussels [SBD] [Flac]

VARIOUS - 1989

The stone roses - The song remains the same
Live in Europe, april 1995 - Brussels, Belgium
Recorded from soundboard

HISP37 - Hispanola Records
For me the best bootleg from this tour

Lineage : Original bootleg CD > Adobe Audition wav > Flac level 8

I wanna be adored
She bangs the drums
Ten story love song
Daybreak / Breaking into heaven
Your star will shine (acoustic)
Tightrope (acoustic)
Elizabeth my dear (acoustic)
Love spreads
Good times
Good times (end of the song) / I am the ressurection
I am the ressurection (end of the song)
Made of stone
Driving south

Total Time : 74:25

A few mistakes on the tracklisting on the CD cover, corrected here.
One of the first show of the Second Coming Tour, the band is in excellent form, ian's vocal are quite ok and squire is excellent sometimes experimenting (listen daybreak at 1:30 Squire goes metal!) Fantasticaly, there's no horrible piano player like on the end of the second coming tour.
Anybody have a dvd from this tour ?


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