Friday, January 13, 2012

The Police - 1979-11-29 - New York City, NY [FM]

(FM broadcast FLAC)

The Palladium/WNEW-FM

Pioneer 747 Receiver> Dokorder Cassette Deck> My Original Tdk Sa Tape>Transfer And Remastering By David Hussey>Flac 8>Tlh>Dimesters The World Over"

01. dj intro
02. Next To You
03. So Lonley
04. Truth Hurts Everybody
05. Walking On The Moon
06. Hole In My Life
07. Deathwish
08. Fallout
09. Bring On The Night
10. Visions Of The Night
11. The Bed's Too Big Without You
12. Message In A Bottle
13. Peanuts
14. Roxanne
15. Can't Stand Losing You
16. Landlord
17. Born In The Fifties
18. Be My GIrl
19. Next To You (Reprise)

"This is the David Hussey remaster of the Police Palladium show. if you are familiar with Hussey's work then read no further, just download the show and enjoy it. If not read on.

"David Hussey has access to a sound studio and top flight professional recording equipment somewhere out on the Left Coast. I had sent him a bunch of my original tape to CD transfers for him to remaster and get the most out of. His work is second to none, SeriusJoe did the first remaster of this show and he is a true talent.
But David is in a league of his own. Try it, you'll like it!!

"Back in the heydays of FM radio, I lived in Flushing Queens, and at the time, I had an FM antennae on my roof that picked up WLIR, WNEW, WPIX, WPLJ and WFUV at their optimum. My equipment was pretty good at the time of these recordings...

"…play this loud !!!!


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