Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nirvana 1991-09-26 The Moon, New Haven, CT, US [AUD] [Flac]


September 26, 1991
The Moon
New Haven, CT

unknown > Sony WM-D6

Nakamichi CR-7A > Hosa RCA cable > PreSonus FireStudio Project > Adobe Audition 3.0 > CD Wave 1.98 > Trader's Little Helper 2.6.0

ANA(1) > WAV [48kHz] > WAV [44.1kHz] > FLAC [Level 8]


01. intro
02. Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam
03. Here She Comes Now
04. D-7
05. Aneurysm
06. Drain You
07. School
08. Floyd The Barber
09. About A Girl
10. Love Buzz
11. Smells Like Teen Spirit
12. Breed
13. Polly
14. Spank Thru
15. Sliver
16. Blew (jam)
17. Blew
18. Been A Son
19. Negative Creep
20. Endless, Nameless

Notes for AUD #1:
In December 2011 a ANA(1)>FLAC version was circulated, replacing older ANA(1)>CDR(1)>FLAC and ANA(1)>DAT(1)>FLAC transfers. This new version is better in all ways; it has about 1 more second at the beginning, there is no cut after 'Breed' and it sounds better overall, but much better from 'Spank Thru' to 'Endless Nameless'. This source can be found in inferior quality on a number of bootlegs; see Live Nirvana's Bootography Guide To Nirvana Bootlegs for more information on commercial releases of this show.


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