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The Police - Mont De Marsan France Aug 5th 1977 [Flac]

The Police - Punk festival Mont de Marsan, France Aug. 5, 1977

Upped Oct. 2011 by EasyMusic

from "The Police - Concert information":
This was the last show for The Police as a four-piece band.
The Police performed on the first day of an open air punk festival in the South of France,
which was held on 05-08-1977 and 06-08-1977 in a small open air arena.
On the first day there were also performances of: The Clash, The Damned, The Boys, The Rich Kids, Electric Kellar and Asphelt Jungle.
Before the concert Andy and Henri were quarrelling about their qualities.
The two guitars were dominating during the whole show.
The Police performed five songs which have never been released.
The show was full of energy and there was no number which lasted longer than 3 minutes.
After The Police was introduced on stage Sting said: "Ça va? What? Ça va? We're gonna play some songs you won't understand. Turn this off".
The Police performed Kids To Blame which appeared on Curved Air's album "Airborne" and was written by Norma Tager (lyrics) and Stewart Copeland (music). "This tune ... can you turn these monitors off, I can't hear myself ... this tune is called Clouds In Venice".
Three O'Clock Shit was written by Sting, but the original title was something like Love Is
In My Heart. After hearing this title Stewart changed it into Three O'Clock Shit, which would appeal much better to the audiences they were playing to.
Seven years later, in 1983, Sting used the first stanza of this song for the first stanza of O My God.
The Police also performed their version of It's My Life (Atkins/D'Errico), which was a UK Top 10 and US Top 30 hit for The Animals in 1965.
The Police's performance was mentioned in a review about the festival in Melody Maker:
"The Police making their first appearance with veteran guitarist Andy Summers (an incongruous) recruit to the new wave, succeed this debacle (they made an impact on the audience). They perform competently, and Summers delivers some guitar breaks, but the music as yet lacks any real identity. And the sight of Summers pogoing and going down on the bass guitarist is more than a little disconcerting".

I have 2 versions of this show with the first clearly the best:

1st: uploaded by booomboom to Sharing The Groove Jan. 2004:

The Police Live at the Mont De Marsan Punk Festival 05.08.1977
Last Concert as a four piece band with two guitarists,Andy summers and Henri Padovani
the first Police guitarist.There are five unknown songs in this show.

1.Landlord 4:04
2.Visions of the night 2:40
3.Kids to Blame 2:48
4.Clouds in Venice 2:42
5.Three O`Clock Shit 3:01
6.Nothing Achieving 2:04
7.It`s my Life 3:08
8.Fall Out 1:48
9.How Are You 2:41
10.How Are You 3:24
11.Visions Of The Night 3:00

Sadly there are some digi-noise in track 1 & 2 (and dropouts in track 1)
I am not able to replace those tracks with ones from my 2nd version,
so instead they are included (as well as covers).

2nd: uploaded to dime Sept. 2005 by flo:

The Police - "No Title"
Live in France at the famous Mont de Marsan Festival, August 5th 1977
Lineage : Cd silver -> Wav -> Flac Frontend level 8

This is one of my girlfriend's bootleg that I offer here and I hope you'll
all like this disc ! Lots of rare tracks never ever released on albums.

It's raw and energetic as The Police were at first.

1st & last track had to be omitted as they are official studio releases
(Police's 1 st single - though it's the demo version).

1/ Fall out (Copeland) 1:57
2/ Next to you (Sting) 2:57 = Landlord
3/ Visions of the night (Sting) 2:28
4/ Games to play (Sting) 2:38 = Kids to blame
5/ Clouds in Venice (Sting / Copeland) 2:21
6/ Three o'clock (Sting) 2:47
7/ Nothing achieving (Sting) 1:51
8/ To fuck I want (Sting) 1:53 = It's My Life
9/ Fall out (Copeland) 2:53
10/ How are you (Sting) 1:34
11/ I don't wanna be your number (Sting) 2:20 = Dead end job
12/ Visions of the night [Encore] (Sting) 3:10
13/ Nothing achieving (Sting) 2:35

only "Next to You" ("Landlord") and "Visions of the Night" (from "2nd")
uploaded - as alternative to the same tracks in "1st".


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