Saturday, December 24, 2011

Radiohead 2003-06-04 Electric Lady Studios, New York City, NY, US [Flac]


Radiohead - NYC - 2003 (source unknown - sbd?/fm?/pre-fm?)

"Thieves In New York"
Electric Lady Studios
New York City

Tracklist: (complete session #1 plus two tracks from session #2)
01 intro
02 i might be wrong
03 sail to the moon
04 go to sleep (false start)
05 go to sleep
06 a punch-up at the wedding
07 no surprises (false start)
08 no surprises
09 i will
10 there there
11 everything in its right place
12 karma police
13 knives out
14 fake plastic trees

tracks 01-12 are the complete session #1
tracks 13-14 are taken from session #2 of the same day

Line up:
Thom Yorke
Jonny Greenwood

Scans of the artwork are included in the torrent.

lineage: Silver bootleg CD > EAC > FLAC

Thom & Jonny performed two sessions of an acoustic set at Electric Lady Studios for about 75
people. This recording features the complete first session plus two songs from the second
one. 'Fake Plastic Trees' was the finale of the second session.
Although I searched the internet for information on the source of this bootleg I couldn't
find anything. Might be a soundboard, pre-FM or FM - I don't know. The sound quality is
excellent though.


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