Friday, December 2, 2011

Nirvana 1991-11-19 Roma, Il Castello [FM master, 2011 rebroadcast]


recorded at Il Castello, Roma (Italy)
on tuesday 19 November 1991

about a thousand a different versions are available for this set, but most if not all are sourced from the same RAI broadcast by "Planet Rock" from 20 years ago. In occasion of the recent new remixed or whatever double disc version of Nevermind, italian radio decided to rebroadcast that gig. This "new" source, if not better than the others, might at least be useful for a matrixing project. See Live Nirvana's Bootography Guide To Nirvana Bootlegs for more information on commercial releases of this show. WARNING: in italian radio customes the DJ speaks a lot in-between songs. And I mean a lot.. His/Her purpose is to introduce songs with bits of bio and translate what the artists say, or to describe to radio listeners what's happening on stage. It may gets VERY annoying, and trust me it does, thus we might consider this recording ONLY FOR COMPLETISTS. But the songs, the actual music, are (usually) not spoken over in the middle of them. It has to be noted that italian djs are on the whole adviced to talk that much by the same record companies to prevent bootlegging. But this is anyhow one of less spoken over broadcast in years...

01. Drain You
02. Aneurysm
03. School
04. Floyd The Barber
05. Smells Like Teen Spirit
06. About A Girl
07. Polly
08. Lithium
09. Sliver
10. Come As You Are
11. Breed
12. Been A Son
13. Negative Creep
14. On A Plain
15 - encore break and radio banters 1.08
16. Blew
17. Rape Me
[[-- Spank Thru *REMOVED FROM THIS SEED as officially released on The Muddy Banks...*] 3.15]
19. Territorial Pissings
20 - radio outro with anecdotes 2.31

running time : 55'59" (without removed track and radio outro)
WITH removed track and outro, it would be 61'45"

FM radio (re)broadcast by "Radio2 Live", Radio Due RAI [second channel of italian national radio]
on friday 25 Novemebr 2011, 21:03 hours [CET]



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