Saturday, December 3, 2011

Joy Division 1979-07-11 Roots Club, Leeds, UK [AUD]

Joy Division
Roots Club, Leeds
11th July 1979

Recorded by : unknown
Transferred by : lammah (?)
Remastered by : mrgreen(71)
Lineage : low gen tape > ? > FLAC > WAV > Adobe Audition (remaster) > Cd Wave (tracking) > FLAC

Tracklisting :
01. Dead Souls
02. Shadowplay
03. She's Lost Control
04. Candidate
05. These Days
06. Disorder
07. Interzone
08. Glass
09. Transmission
10. Atrocity Exhibition
11. --encore break
12. No Love Lost

Original comments:
"This upgrade is huge! All thanks to lammah and others and the person who shared this with the
world. It is such an improvement in quality over prior versions, that the show jumps in status
surpassing Apollo and Rainbow sources in many ways: Especially, this show is a must because of the rare
performance of Candidate AND No Love Lost (glass also a key song for the band). I added a 3 second patch which includes minor glitches inherrant in the software I used when mixing such short timeframes.

mrgreen remaster notes:
The original (albeit from a low gen tape and a huge upgrade over the old version) was dull and lifeless, probably due to tape deterioration and/or Dolby NR. It didn't have any low bass as well. I breathed new life in it by restoring the highs and the lows. This of course introduced more tape hiss and noise, but it sounds more natural, powerful and detailed now.Great embryonal renditions of These Days and Atrocity Exhibition (a reggae version !) and rare performances of Glass and No Love Lost ("This one's quite new" says Ian, although at that point it was probably the oldest song in the set).


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