Friday, July 1, 2011

Jeff Buckley - Demos [SBD]

Actual tracklisting:

1. Unforgiven
2. Radio
3. Eternal Life
4. Strawberry Street
5. Bluebird Blues.

Although 2 versions of Unforgiven are listed, only one was included.



September, 1990
Los Angeles, Babylon Dungeon Sessions, California, USA

01 Unforgiven 3:17
02 Radio 3:29
03 Eternal Life (backing track only) 3:26
04 Strawberry St. (without vocals) 4:40

Total running time: 14:52

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Hard rolloff at 20kHz to under -90dB. Missing the second mix of 'Unforgiven'.

Taken from a compilation where it was included with the St. Annes Church performances (1991) and the Trash Can Tape demos (1993).
Ripped and FLAC'd by eclect -

Jeff Buckley's first studio session.

'Unforgiven' is the initial working title for 'Last Goodbye'. The instruments, lyrics and vocal melody of the song are a bit different.

'Strawberry Street' previously unreleased, originally written in 1988 - happens to be one of the first songs penned by Jeff & the earliest version dates back to his very first recording session 'The Babylon Dungeon Sessions' from Sept '90. Only two known versions exist of this song. The version without vocals from the Babylon Dungeon sessions and the one which was later revisited and recorded in a rehearsal at The Knitting Factory, NY, in May of 1993, with an early try-out combo of bassist Tom Goodkind (of The Washington Squares) and drummer John McNally. That version is included only on the UK release Grace: 10th Anniversary Legacy Edition. It was also released as the flip side to Forget Her on the blue vinyl 7" freebie that came with the last issue of the Grace LP.


August 17 (Saturday), 1991
New York, Krypton Studio, New York, USA

01 Mojo Pin 4:40
02 Grace 4:15
03 Bluebird Blues 9:29

Total running time: 18:24

Recorded at Krypton Studios. These are Demo's done by a young Jeff Buckley and Gary Lucas. Sometimes dated to September, 1991. Also known as Gods and Monster Demos. Grace has been official released.

SOURCE version 1a
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